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ITW Polymer Technologies | Manufactures epoxy grouting compounds, anti-slip floor and deck coatings, epoxy and silicone potting materials, composite pipe repair systems, MarineTex® and adhesives. 60 years of research and experience in various fields provide the resources needed to remain on the leading edge of polymer technology.

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ITW Polymer Technologies
Chockfast Foundation Systems, Escoweld Industrial Grouts and Polymers, CWC Industrial Products

Foundation Systems

ITW CHOCKFAST manufactures specialized industrial grouts, polymers and foundation systems. Chockfast epoxy grouting and chocking compounds enhance performance and lower operating costs. Improving equipment mean time before failure with Chockfast polymer concrete and epoxy anchoring system from ITW Polymer Technologies.
ESCOWELD® Epoxy Grout Systems are primarily used with rotating machinery and equipment in industrial process industries where performance and operating reliability are crucial.
CWC Grout Industrial heavy machinery epoxy grouting systems and epoxy chocking compounds are designed to resist vibration, chemical attack, high torque loads and stresses associated with heavy equipment installations.

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